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Our Story: A New Option for Mattresses


Mattress shopping is both frustrating and expensive. Our aim is simple: provide our customers with luxurious, pain-free, deep sleep at a price that is reasonable.

The list of associated frustrations could go on for a while, so we focused on two main problems. For one, picking out a mattress can be very confusing. There are thousands of options with little differentiation, and high-pressure salesmen pushing you toward certain products. Purchasing online helps to avoid these high-pressure situations; however, you can’t try the mattress before spending a significant amount of money.

This brings us to our next problem. Mattress prices. The bedding industry is extremely competitive, especially when it comes to advertising (as I’m sure you’ve noticed). Big companies spend insane amounts to reach customers, which directly impacts the prices that they need to charge. Do you want to pay a significant amount for advertisements, or put that money toward quality sleep? When looking at affordable mattresses from big companies, the materials are typically outdated and less durable, AND the advertising costs have the same impact of raised prices. There are other small companies out there that sell discounted name brands, but how can they do that? Most of these companies sell what are known as secondary bedding, where returns are sold by the truckload to smaller companies for re-sale to consumers.

At Crash Beds, we’ve taken these problems head on to provide high-quality mattresses at affordable prices. We do this by manufacturing our own products with some of the best materials available and reducing our overhead costs (advertising, leases, etc). Keeping our costs low enable us to put more into our materials and keep our prices reasonable.

Manufacturing our own products also allows us to custom build your bed however you’d like it. Our showroom is complete with our standard mattress options and a custom design center where you can try different combinations of pocketed coils, polyurethane foam, memory foam, organic latex, and covers to find the exact comfort level you want. Our options also include zoned firmness levels for extra hip support and dual comfort for couples with different preferences.

Now there’s another option. Don’t overspend on a mattress or settle for something that won’t last. Our team will work with you to get you exactly what you want: quality sleep.

Let us know when you’re ready to Crash.