Crash Beds in Indianapolis

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Crash Beds was founded for a purpose: to provide high-quality bedding at the lowest price in the market. The founder of the company worked for one of the largest bedding companies in the world, and has managed the production of over 1 million bedding products during that time. This experience and knowledge of the industry has been applied toward manufacturing beds that are comparable to the best beds available in stores. Crash Beds is dedicated to taking out the parts of the traditional bedding industry that make beds overly expensive for the everyday consumer. We are obsessed with keeping our costs low to minimize the pass-through into pricing. By manufacturing and selling directly to consumers we are able to cut out the middle men and give back to the local communities which make America such a great country. We strive to improve the community by hiring local, supporting community events, and providing high-quality bedding designed to improve sleep.

We aren't a marketing company that happens to make mattresses. Unlike most online retailers, we manufacture our own products and put extra emphasis into customer satisfaction, rather than high cost marketing. The elevated price you pay for most bed-in-a-box retailers is to support their massive advertising spend, not an improved product. We know the materials. We know the industry. We know the product.

We aren't a business to business model that adds extra layers of margin and confusion. Think about the last time you shopped for a mattress at a traditional retailer. If you haven't in a while, we encourage you to do so. Either way, we'll explain the typical experience. Mattress retailers are EVERYWHERE, sitting empty with the exception of the employees. If you haven't seen a store lately, you can refer to the barrage of ads for sales that seem to never end. When you get there, you'll find extremely high retail prices, with a discount somewhere between 50-9,000% (potentially exaggerated) for National Cat Day that leaves the consumer price well over $1,000 for most queen sized mattresses. Not only that, but you'll find 40* different mattresses with a high pressure sales rep looking for a commission. Now try to price shop the product to find the best available price. Most likely outcome - you can't. That mattress only exists at that retailer. Finally, these retailers HAVE to have a positive profit margin, and purchase mattresses from a manufacturer who HAS to have a positive profit margin, who purchases materials from a supplier who also HAS to have a positive profit margin on their product. Margin, on margin, on margin. These stores have extremely high prices (unfairly high for the majority of consumers) as a result of all of these costs. You aren't paying for value creation, you're paying for advertising, commissions and other wasteful overhead.

We believe that buying a new bed should be easy and exciting. It should leave you healthy and happy, with more money in your pocket. We also believe that everyone has the right to good sleep. Our model of manufacturing and selling directly to consumers allows us to provide a high-quality product at reasonable prices, affording everyone the opportunity for better health, productivity and happiness.

*Complete guess on the number of mattresses, but probably pretty close!

Brandon Landes, Founder:

Brandon has devoted his life to making the world a better place.  Since graduating from Indiana University, he spent 8 years in the United States Army, serving his country and leading missions to bring hope and security to various populations in countries around the world.  After his military service, Brandon managed all aspects of production for Tempur-Sealy International’s Midwest operations.  In this role he was responsible for the quality and service of all bedding products and the well-being of employees.  He is passionate about providing better opportunities to people around the world, and is committed to establishing an organization with a heavy focus on minimizing costs and maximizing customer satisfaction.